Watch Mr. Robot online on NRK

Mr. Robot has been a great success and it won several Golden Globe Awards recently. Now you can watch Mr. Robot online on NRK in Norway. Want to know how? To watch Mr. Robot online on NRK in Norway for free what you need to do is to get yourself a Norwegian IP address. That can easily be done as you use the VPN services of HideMyAss, by far the… Read More »

Watch Euro 2016 online on NRK from outside Norway

Euro 2016 is the big event of the year for football fans and even though Norway did not manage to qualify for the event due to a double loss against Hungary in the play-off matches, Norwegians will for sure be eager to watch the event, both on TVs and online. To watch the Euro 2016 online you will need to have a Norwegian IP address. That is very easy to… Read More »

Watch The Abominable Bride on until January 10th

On january 1st Sherlock: The Abominable Bride had its premiere on BBC in England, but not only on BBC in England, because other TV stations also showed the new Sherlock episode, for example NRK in Norway. Since then they have now made the Sherlock episode available in their content library and until January 10th anyone can freely watch the episode online on the NRK website. There is of course a… Read More »

NRK not giving up on Lilyhammer

NRK is not giving up on Lilyhammer, even though it seems as if Netflix has. Based on comments from NRK they said that they can not at all confirm the tweet made by Steven van Zandt that Lilyhammer is to rest in peace, something telling us that everything is finished with this brilliant co production produced with Netflix money (first of all) in Norway by NRK. Even though NRK does… Read More »