Watch the Ski World Championships 2019 online for free on NRK in Norway!

Are you looking for a way to stream the Ski World Championships in 2019 online for free? It will be an awesome amount of great competitions taking place during the Ski World Championships in Seefeld in Australia in the end of February, start of March 2019… but how to watch the events online for free?

The best way to stream the Ski World Championships 2019 online for free, is by visiting This is the State TV Channel in Norway, and they love winter sports in the country. Here they have free live streams ready showing all the events, including the Nordic Skiing competitions, the Combined competitions, and also the Ski Jumping competitions.

But, if you try to watch NRK outside Norway, you might see an error message looking something like this.

Not available outside Norway
Not available outside Norway

Maybe you will see an error like the one above if you try to watch the Ski World Championships 2019 on NRK outside Norway. So what can you do about this? It is very easy!

Watch the Ski World Championships online for free on NRK (outside Norway)!

To get access to all the events and sports for free online on NRK, you need to use the VPN services of PureVPN. This is a brilliant VPN service which will give you a Norwegian IP address, which will make all websites believe that you are located in Norway. This will make you able to stream all the content on NRK online, also outside Norway, including the Ski World Championships 2019. Doesn’t that sound great?

Visit their website, sign up for one of their packages, download their VPN client and connect to a server in Norway – you are good to go!

PureVPN will give you your money back for as long as 31-days if you do not like their services!

Are you ready to watch the Ski World Championships 2019 online?

Watch the World Cup 2018 for free on NRk

NRK in Norway will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018 matches free of charge. Unfortunately, they will only broadcast 50% of the matches, because TV2, another Norwegian TV channel will broadcast the rest. And while NRK is free of charge, TV2 requires a small payment in order for you to watch.

Watch the World Cup 2018 for free on NRk

NRK will broadcast lots of fantastic matches during the FIFA World Cup, so if you look for a way to stream the event on NRK, it can easily be done. Visit the NRK website and start streaming.

If you live outside Norway, but still want to stream the event on NRK, a Norwegian IP address is needed. Once you have a local IP address in Norway, you can easily stream the FIFA World Cup online, at least the matches broadcasted by NRK. If you pay appx. 100 NOK, you can also get access to TV2 Sumo in Norway, which again will let you stream the rest of the matches as well.

So, how to stream the World Cup 2018 on NRK for free?

To get a Norwegian IP address I recommend using the VPN services of HideMyAss. They have a big summer discount available, making it ideal for this purpose.

Visit HideMyAss websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

Once you have your subscription in order, download the HideMyAss client, install it, and connect to a server in Norway. You should then get a Norwegian IP address, and you can at once visit, find the live stream and start watching the FIFA World Cup online. Easy, isn’t it?

If you want more information on how to stream the FIFA World Cup on Norwegian TV (in Norwegian), check this article. If you want to see a full schedule showing you when the different teams will play, check the FIFA 2018 schedule here. And if you want to watch all the matches from the FIFA World Cup online for free, then the easiest way might be to stream the matches on ITV/BBC in the UK. A description on how to watch the World Cup online on BBC/ITV in the UK can be found here.

Hope you will enjoy the FIFA World Cup! If you have a comment or a question, write it in the comment field.

Watch Euro 2016 online on NRK from outside Norway

Euro 2016 is the big event of the year for football fans and even though Norway did not manage to qualify for the event due to a double loss against Hungary in the play-off matches, Norwegians will for sure be eager to watch the event, both on TVs and online.

To watch the Euro 2016 online you will need to have a Norwegian IP address. That is very easy to get and you can read more about how to get one in the following article which I wrote a few years back.

But, it is worth knowing that NRK will not broadcast all the matches from the Euro 2016, because they are sharing the rights to broadcast the Euro 2016 with TV2 in Norway, another great TV channel. There is only one bad thing with TV2, and that is that you can not watch their live streams online for free, like you can with NRK. In both cases you will need a Norwegian IP address and the best way to get one is to use the services from HideMyAss, and once you have signed up you connect to a server in Norway, and thus you will be ready to watch both TV2 and NRK online from abroad.Visit HideMyAss websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

The plus subscription needed to watch Euro 2016 online on TV2 Sumo in Norway will cost probably around 25 USD for one month, so if you want to know more about how you can watch the Euro 2016 online in a cheaper way without paying anything extra for it on UK TV, read this article on on the topic of watching Euro 2016 online.

Fans of NRK in Norway will at least be happy that NRK will broadcast some of the matches from the European Championship, especially considering the fact that later in the summer TV2 alone will broadcast all the highlights and events from the Summer Olympics.


NRK will not broadcast the Summer Olympics 2016 in Norway

NRK is considered by many to be the best TV channel in Norway for covering sports events, and that is why many people are sorry that the Summer Olympics in 2016 in Rio will be aired on TV2 instead of NRK.

In other words, if you want to watch the Summer Olympics online on Norwegian television then it will not help you to gain access to NRK and to watch it online, because you will need to watch it on TV2 and their online platform is named TV2 Sumo and you will need to pay quite a lot to get access to it. But, if money is no hindrance for you, then get yourself a Norwegian IP address and sign up for TV2 Sumo and then you will be able to watch the Summer Olympics online on Norwegian television. The Summer Olympics will be arranged in Brazi, in Rio, from the start of August until August 21st, if I remember correct at the moment.

For more information about watching the Summer Olympics online this article can be recommended written by Thomas in the IP Guide.

Watch Chess World Cup in Sochi live on NRK

Are you a fan of a good chess game? It is time for revenge for Anand Viswanathan as he plays against Magnus Carlsen from Norway in Sochi. The first match will be played on November 8th starting at 13.00 (Norwegian time), 15.00 local time.

Chess World Cup Sochi
Chess World Cup Sochi

If you want to watch this match and all the other matches between Anand Viswanathan and Magnus Carlsen online that can be done easily at All you need to have for this to work is a Norwegian IP address, and you can find out more about how to watch NRK from abroad here on this site.

After the Winter Olympics being arranged in Sochi earlier this year, and recently the Formula 1 enthusiasts and stars also visited Sochi, and as you understand, now it is time for the best chess players in the world to visit Sochi.

The first player to reach 6,5 point will win, and there is a maximum of 12 matches to be played.